Taking a family walk

by beagooddad on September 1, 2006

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Fall is almost here.  Winter will arrive before you can blink.  If you are somewhere that actually gets cold in the winter, you need to start getting outside before it is too late.

But, what should you do?

Here’s one of our favorite after dinner/pre-bath activities.  A simple walk around the neighborhood.  Burn off some calories while your little ones burn off some energy.

We are working on improving the kids’ coordination and steering.  Pookie likes to pedal his bike, but keeps running off into the grass.  To help improve these skills, we have them take turns pushing a baby doll around the block.  The act of steering a stroller and steering a bike are remarkably similar and he does not have to try to coordinate pedalling at the same time.

Here’s all you need:

We normally make them take turns pushing or pulling for a couple minutes at a time and then talk to the other about things we see along the way.  Our neighborhood is overrun by cute little bunnies so we make frequent stops to point at the bunnies.

Our walks are normally about 15 minutes.  Any more than that and the kids start getting tired and bored.  If we have the wagon, we will sometimes walk to the gas station to get ice crem bars and popsicles.

Enjoy the cooling temperatures and breathe the fresh air before it gets too cold.  Try a nightly walk after dinner.

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