Moving From Crazy Play To Calm Play – Real Life Example

by beagooddad on June 23, 2007

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The kids and I just had an hour long tickle fight while BeAGoodMom and TacoSupreme took a nap.

I was able to get the kids to blow raspberries on each other while cracking up. Pookie even said stuff like “Tickle Geetle” without any prompting from me.

So how do you calm down after an hour of building chaos in time for dinner? Here’s what worked for me tonight.

Music: We turned on some tunes and danced. It might seem counterintuitive to introduce new craziness but here is why it works. It changes the direction of the energy which diffuses the energy a little bit. Plus, we were still having fun so there was not complaints about stopping the tickling and wrestling.

Story: When the music CD was over, I put in a story CD. The sound came from the same spot, but the stories are so much calmer them the music. I could have read to them myself but I have to break away from the action so I can start cooking in a couple minutes.

Sit Still: We are all sitting still right now. I am sitting in a chair typing this post. Pookie is sitting on the floor reading a book. Geetle is sitting on the floor picking out the next CD story. Monkey see. Monkey do.

We seem to have transitioned successfully from pure chaos to normal humans. Not only that, but I have also performed one of my important dad duties by showing my kids how to calm down.

No wonder I am so tired.

[There’s a post in the archives here that talks about an important role that dad’s play for their children. The role involves dad getting the kids all riled up and crazy and then, when it is time to stop playing, showing the kids how to transition from the craziness back to calm little people.

I swear it is somewhere in the archives. If anybody can find it, I’ll update this post to point to it and mention who found the post. I can’t find it.]

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