Numbers Say The Boys Are Not Doing So Well

by beagooddad on June 28, 2007

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Go read these stats. Trust me, they are worth it. It shows for every 100 girls how many boys do the same thing.

Things like enroll in preschool through getting graduate degrees.

Things like going through various stages of special education.

Things like going to jail.

Very shocking to see the numbers even if we are aware of the trends.

We have gone through a generation or so of really pushing women’s empowerment, encouraging women to graduate, encouraging women to have strong self-esteem. And, I’m all for that and want to keep that moving in a positive direction.

I’m wondering where the guys fell off the wagon? And how are they going to get back on?

And how is a country where the men are under educated but earn more money for the same jobs going to work?

And are men that actually have an education and are able to stay out of trouble going to become the exception and that much more of a commodity in the workplace?

And if men are supposed to play such an important role in showing their sons how to be good men, how is that going to work when so many of those men are in prison?

Besides the obvious ideas of encouraging father’s to stay involved in their kids’ lives and having professional athletes show up on commercials telling kids to stay in school, what other changes are we going to need to make to make sure that men are able to stay in touch with the rest of the world?

Or are these numbers misleading?

What do you think?

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