Easy Bake Oven Retrofit Kit – Conclusion

by beagooddad on June 30, 2007

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The Easy Bake Oven retrofit kit arrived in the mail today via FedEx. The letter that came with it made it sound like it took so long because they actually had to make the piece, perhaps.

Anyway, the piece is just a little plastic grate that you put over the entry where the cakes, etc. go in. The grate has to be pulled down to be able to put anything inside. Then it slaps shut when it is not being held open. The grate keeps people from accidentally touching the really hot metal flap door further in the machine.

My kids are not old enough to be loading or unloading the oven so it really doesn’t make too much difference in how we will be using the oven.

They did send us a package of cookies and another package or Cinnabon cinnamon rolls to think us for our patience and the inconvenience of needing to go through the recall process.

The kids and I popped on the retrofit kit, fired up the Easy Bake Oven and baked a package of chocolate chip cookies while Be A Good Mom went wedding dress shopping to get ready for my sister’s wedding next month.

Based on how much those packages of food cost, it is well worth the time of filling out the recall form just to get the free food. Each of the packages has 4 individual servings or cooking sessions inside of it.

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