Things Your Spouse Taught The Kids

by beagooddad on July 5, 2007

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Have you ever heard your spouse say something to the kids and wondered how much trouble you would have gotten in if you had said something similar?

Yesterday, for lunch, BeAGoodMom wanted the kids to try the beets.

Like any good parent, I picked up a couple pieces with my fork, announced to the kids, “Look at me. I’m being a good role model,” and at the beets.

BeAGoodMom, on the other hand, told the kids, “If you eat enough beets, your poop will turn red?”

Yes, she tried to encourage the kids to eat the beets by promising that their poop would change color.

I’m sure that all of us listen to our spouses say things that kind of surprise us. Things that are kind of wrong. Things that are kind of weird.

Let’s start a list. What is something you never expected to hear your spouse tell the children.

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