Teaching Your Kid To Use Roller Skates

by beagooddad on July 13, 2007

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Geetle wanted to go roller skating as soon as I got off work today. We have a couple sets of those plastic adjustable skates that fit over their shoes but hadn’t worn them yet this year.

Pookie was under the weather last night and wanted to bum around the house today.

Geetle and I headed to the garage, helped her into her knee pads, elbow pads, and helmet.

I learned a few things during our trip around the block.

Hold both hands. I started off by holding just one of her hands (while my other hand held a couple Freeze Pops). Geetle kept loosing balance every couple feet. Once I finished my sugary treat, I held both of her hands and she got much more stable.

Let her do the work. Then, while still holding her hands, I quit holding her up. When she would loose her balance, she would tug on my hands to help get her balance back. We learned that she definitely needs help staying on her feet, but not nearly as much as we thought.

Wear the right socks. Her elbows, knees and head were safe if she did actually fall. Unfortunately, she got a couple torn pieces of skin where the rubber skate rubbed against the top of her ankle. From now on she will be wearing much taller socks to protect against that.

Be ready for it to become a regular thing. She already scheduled another skate date with me tomorrow morning.

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