Wedding Rehearsal

by beagooddad on July 27, 2007

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The wedding rehearsal went very well.

Geetle did a great job throwing the flowers as she walked down the aisle. Pookie did a great job holding the little white pillow while holding BeAGoodMom’s hand. When they got to the front, they both slid into the aisle between me and BeAGoodMom. BeAGoodMom looked like a radiant mom-to-be-again.

Pookie also peed twice in the bathroom at the church (and twice in the restaurant before going to the church). We’re planning on putting him in a pull-up when he is in the tux and underwear before and after the tux.

We left before the rehearsal dinner because the kids stayed up late most of this week and we wanted them to get a somewhat normal night of sleep before the wedding tomorrow.

So, everything seems like it is set to go well. There are only two things that we are all interested in seeing how they play out tomorrow.

Geetle’s Hair – Her hair is going to get styled, or whatever it is girls call it when they spray and pin the hair into fancy shapes, at 9am. The wedding doesn’t start until 3pm. Pictures start at 1pm. So we are going to end up with a few hours where her crazy, wild hair needs to stay out of her mouth and away from pillows and couch cushions.

Pookie’s Echolalia – Nobody noticed the echolalia today, but everybody was busy talking and joking around. Tomorrow will be very quiet except for some soft music and a cute, little, chatty 4 year old. We might try bring an iPod and see if listening to some music will help keep him a little bit quieter.

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