Different Kinds of Talking

by beagooddad on August 1, 2007

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Just a quick comment.

Pookie’s echolalia can wear me out from time to time. Over the last week or so, I’ve realized that his echolalia is nowhere near as exhausting as a 4 1/2 year old girl’s daily chatter.

At least with the echolalia, he isn’t expecting me to pay attention to every question and statement. With Geetle, it is constant questions about anything and the topic bounces everywhere.

Some questions Geetle asked BeAGoodMom during a recent shopping trip together:

Why is there water in the puddles?

Why do birds sit on the telephone wires?

Why do people get married?

During dinner, I start laughing every night as the topic changes from thing to thing without even giving anybody a chance to reply or comment. It reminds me of my dad and my sister when I was off at college my freshman year. She would get home from high school and dad would be watching TV in bed after one of his early shifts. They would watch Jerry Springer while she talked about everything and he fell asleep; pretty much daily.


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