Expanding Music Library And A New Made Up Vocabulary

by beagooddad on August 2, 2007

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Pookie has a new song he likes to sing. Two in fact.

The one we hear the most often is “Mommy and Me” from the Mommy and Me videos. In the house this week he has pretty much been singing it non-stop. Out of the house it has been stopping and then as soon as he gets home it starts up again.

This morning Geetle actually asked Pookie to sing a different song during breakfast.

The other song is “Zoot Suit Riot.” The other day at the wedding, I walked him to the bathroom and watched while he stood in front of the urinal with his tux pants around his ankles singing, “Now you sailors know/Where your women come for love.” I kept expecting him to ask me for another round.

Fortunately, he doesn’t actually know most of the words so they kind of get all mumbled together which actually helps enhance the whole had to much to drink vibe.

Geetle has a lot of new words that she is using these days. I would write more about them but I’m not sure they are written with English letters. I can’t pronounce most of the words after she says them and I have a little experience with that sort of thing after my four years as an Arabic linguist.

The closest I can come is to show an example dialogue.

“Dad, this is my new [garbled].” [while pointing to a fork].

“A new [apparently different garble]?”

“No, dad [sigh]. It’s my new [garbled][sigh].”

Between the new songs and the new words, we are always on our toes around here.

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