Target and Customer Service

by beagooddad on August 6, 2007

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My mom bought Geetle a pair of pink running shoes a few weeks back. They have this funky Velcro piece that looks like a “Z”. They have been Geetle’s favorite shoe since then.

The other day, the little piece of material that holds the Velcro strip where it turns midway up the shoe broke and the shoes cannot be worn anymore.

We walked into Target with the shoes and they said that we could swap them out but they didn’t have any more in stock.

Then they said they could give us a store credit for the value. The shoes have gone on clearance since my mom bought them and since we don’t have a receipt, that is the best they can do…corporate policy and all.

So, the $13 shoes are now worth $3.86 as long as we are willing to spend that $3.86 in Target.

We asked if we could just swap them for a similar shoe. The manager said that we can do that but we just need to pay the difference between $3.86 and the cost of the shoe.

Then we pointed out that these shoes are the Target Circo brand. If they were a name brand, we would be able to contact the company that made them. Since these are the Target brand, shouldn’t they stand behind the product that broke and give us a replacement pair of similar shoes?

Nope. Corporate policy and all.

So now we get to call some corporate person and waste their time complaining about how we feel like they should replace the shoes which will take time that the person could spend doing something more productive. Plus, now they have a blog post that a handful of people will read complaining about their company.

Plus, I am a pretty frequent Target shopper. Sometimes when I get a little stir crazy, I’ll wander around their store looking at the CDs/books/computer games. And a fair percentage of that time, I stop and get a hot dog or popcorn.

I’ll probably still continue to shop there from time to time but not as often as I used to. Which will definitely cost them more then $8.

Did I mention that my wife is pregnant? Guess which store probably won’t be my first option to pop in and pick up emergency diapers?

Target, when somebody walks in with a pair of your store brand shoes that broke, you should probably just let them swap them for a new pair.

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