Differences During The Second Pregnancy

by beagooddad on August 13, 2007

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I remember many nights when we were still waiting for the twins to be born where we would sit around in bed and read stories, flip through baby name books, talk about the birthing class we had gone to.

There was so much time to think about the babies and we were able to make everything in our lives about the pregnancy.

This pregnancy, that time just doesn’t seem to exist. Sure I spent several minutes feeling TacoSupreme practice kung fu on BeAGoodMom’s belly tonight but it definitely is not nearly as leisurely this time around.

Here are some things I miss that happened when we were pregnant with the twins:

We took a couple classes on how to give birth, have a healthy pregnancy, handle changing diapers, and even an infant CPR class. We signed up for practically anything the hospital offered. Not this time around. We already know most of that stuff and we just don’t have the opportunity to get a lot of free time in the evenings because we’re already raising kids. A busy night back then was figuring out how to get to the next level of a video game or which movie to go see.

Back then, I also read to the kids every night hoping they would recognize my voice when they were born. We read several books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and similar. Now we seem to have trouble getting into bed before 11pm and don’t really feel like doing anything besides going to sleep or watching the ice truckers trying to get across the frozen lakes in Canada on TV.

Walking around Babies ‘R Us was a fascinating experience. Who know there were so many types of bottles and diapers and strollers and pajamas and backpacks and…well, you get the point. Now we already know what kinds of things we like and we already have most of them.

The nervousness. Last time I was terrified. I knew absolutely nothing about raising kids. I had never even changed a diaper or babysat anybody that was under 3. I had never fed a baby or bathed a baby or dressed a baby or woken up in the middle of the night to take care of a baby. This time, I’m not really nervous at all. I know how to do all of that and I’m pretty confidant BeAGoodMom and I are going to be able to adapt to the new situation pretty well.

So, hurry up calendar. Bring on October 19th.

There are a few things that are more fun this time around. I love listening to Geetle talk about all of the things she is going to do to help with TacoSupreme. Did you know that she is going to get up in the middle of the night to help the baby when she cries?

I love watching Pookie struggling to get comfortable laying on BeAGoodMom’s lap. He is going to be so happy when the baby is out and it is easier to snuggle with mom.

I love seeing the baby room pretty much set up and actually being able to see myself using the room with a much clearer understanding of what is going to happen there.

I love listening to family members trying to guess and suggest names for the baby and even trying to trick the kids into giving the name away. For the record, the kids will find out the name the same time as everybody else. But it is pretty entertaining when Grandma V realizes that when Geetle says the baby is going to be named Kate it is probably because she just watched Arthur and heard them talking about Baby Kate on the show.

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