Music Is So Confusing But It Will Be A Part Of The Kids’ Lives

by beagooddad on August 14, 2007

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graffiti-010705-11When my Aunt Shel and Unlcle My Mark made their big entrance at their wedding reception the other day, they walked in with an instrumental jazz version of “The Simpsons Theme Song.” My mom has that CD from the reception in her car and that song came on while my mom and all four of us went over to swim class the other day.

Geetle listened to it for a little bit and then asked, “Where are the words?”

We all explained that it was an instrumental song so there were no words.

She looked very confused and stammered out, “I don’t get it.”

Pretty funny.

Earlier today, Geetle and I were in the computer room and I was listening to some classical guitar internet radio station. I’ll have to try to find a link because the station is awesome. Geetle and I were talking about instruments and she informed me that trumpet is her favorite one. I told her that I used to play trumpet when I was in school.

BeAGoodMom walked in right about that time and Geetle nearly shouted, “I’m going to play trumpet when I’m in school. Dad used to play trumpet when he was a big kid in school.”

For the record, that classical guitar station seems to be one of Pookie’s favorites these days. When I turn it on, he sits down in the big chair in the room (the Thinking Chair) and sits really calmly listening to the music until I turn it off or chase him out of the room.

He has also started something pretty funny. When songs get to the part where only the instruments are playing, but they are basically playing the chorus or verse, he will start belting out the lyrics that he thinks should be there.

And he recently started singing “Hey, hey, we’re the monkeys…” at random times during the day. He knows most of the song already. He’s actually started singing a ton of new songs. BeAGoodMom talked about those songs the other day.

It appears that music is here to stay in our family.

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