Doctors Are Assholes

by beagooddad on August 18, 2007

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Sorry for the language but I’m pissed.

BeAGoodMom had a baby checkup yesterday. It was toward the end of my workday so she decided to take them instead of having me watch them while I tried to work. I appreciate the sentiment but because doctors are assholes it didn’t work out very well at all.

BeAGoodMom didn’t get taken into the room until a half hour after the appointment was supposed to start. Then, the doctor didn’t actually come into the room until another half hour after that.


By that point all of the snacks and toys that BeAGoodMom brought to fend off the stir crazies were either eaten or no longer interesting. 4 year old boys are not good at waiting in little rooms where they are not allowed to touch anything. It didn’t go well.

Not once did any nurse poke their head in to explain what was going on. BeAGoodMom was opening the door to leave and the doctor happened to be standing in the doorway or she was going to leave.


To an appointment with an extremely pregnant woman who gets uncomfortable sitting in one spot for too long and has to pee frequently. And all the doctor does is check for a heartbeat, measure the belly, and make sure the co-pay was paid.

I’m sure it’s the bad system and all that, but for a few days my general opinion will be that doctors are assholes.

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