Things That Should Happen At The Doctor’s Office

by beagooddad on August 19, 2007

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In response to my rant yesterday about BeAGoodMom’s horrible trip tot the doctor’s office, I have a few simple suggestions to make the entire experience better for patients.

  • TVs. In the room. I’ve been to dentists that have TVs in the room. All gyms have TVs. Anywhere where something annoying or painful is about to happen should have a TV these days. That includes grocery stores. And women’s clothing stores.
  • Updates. If the doctor is late, I want a nurse walking into the room every 15 minutes with an update. He/she should ask if I could use a drink of water or a trip to the bathroom and tell me the new ETA of the doctor. And smile and pretend they like their job.
  • Clocks. You make us strip to our underwear and sit in a room for an unknown amount of time. But a clock in the room. I want to know exactly how many minutes you are late. I want to know exactly how long until the next update from the nurse (since those are going to happen every 15 minutes, right?). I want to know exactly how long until the show I am watching is over and the next show starts.

Give me those three things and I will rarely complain about the doctors being late.

If you really want to make me happy, provide day care, too. My old gym does it. Two dollars an hour, one dollar extra for a second kid. I’d be willing to pay it.

What improvements would you like to see at your local doctor’s office.

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