Not Playing With Your Kids

by beagooddad on August 22, 2007

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There seems to be so much focus on parents needing to pay more attention to their kids that sometimes we forget that sometimes they need to play without us. I’m really hoping Geetle learns to play independently any day now. Yep. Any day now would be just fine.

Pookie on the other hand is an independent play all-star.

The other day, I was in the back yard with Pookie. The girls were watching a movie together. I had already played with Pookie most of the day and dragged him around town on a few errands including making him go birthday shopping with BeAGoodMom. I could tell he needed some down time.

So I just watched him while I read a book on a porch swing we have in the back yard.

He did a few things:

  • Played basketball
  • Played in the sand box
  • Played tee ball
  • Picked a dandelion
  • Went down the slide
  • Swung on his belly on the swings
  • Ran up the hill shouting “Up, up the hill”
  • Rolled down the hill
  • Picked up a bunch of toys and put the lid on the sand box (without me saying anything)
  • Sat next to me on the swing

We were only outside for about an hour. There were others that I have already forgotten. He had a great time, without me. I got to see the things he is really interested in these days and will know to play some games that involve those things the next time we get a chance to play in the back yard…if it ever stops raining around here.

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