Getting Ready To Send The Kids Back To Preschool

by beagooddad on August 21, 2007

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School is about to start for us. Geetle starts on Monday and Pookie starts the Tuesday after Labor Day. Thank goodness.

Geetle is so excited to get back to all of her friends and tell them all the cool things she did this summer. Pookie is such a creature of habit, that he really thrives on the school routine. We were able to keep him in class or tutoring most of the summer but have nothing lined up for these last two weeks.

After watching all the cool developments the kids have gone through during the summer, I have a few things I’m kind of hoping the kids are able to pick up this year.


  • More complex role playing. She is starting to get into playing games like running a book store and playing house. I remember the insane number of hours I used to spend as a kid playing that sort of stuff. She seems on the brink of another creativity burst.
  • Sports. She likes soccer and basketball and most other sports that she has encountered. I guess the next phase is starting to learn some of the rules and teamwork involved in those sports. I’m thinking that spending the fall watching Big Ten football with her dad ought to help.
  • How To Make A Spontaneous Friend. She plays well with kids she already knows. She has a real tough time walking up to kids on the playground and striking up a friendship for the afternoon.


  • Reading. He is able to recognize so many words that I gotta believe that he is going to start picking out sets of words and some simple sentences any time now. He loves books so much and is going to have so much fun when he can actually read them himself.
  • Modeling. A big goal for Pookie is to get him to start modeling behavior off of other kids. This is how most kids learn a lot of things in preschool and early grade school. In general, Pookie doesn’t care about what other kids think about him or what they are doing. We have noticed him starting to pay a lot more attention to Geetle recently and hope that this trend will carry over to kids in his class.
  • More complex art. He has been drawing faces (Arthur faces) for a while now. Just yesterday, BeAGoodMom was able to tell him to draw a body, arms, hands, fingers, feet and toes. It is the first time he has ever drawn a whole body without us holding his hand. I’m hoping we can start getting some cats and fishes and houses. Getting him to learn to generalize and abstract concepts would be huge.

While I’m on the subject of preschool, there’s a great post over on Parent Wonder about what preschoolers should know and not getting too hung up on prepping kids for academia at such a young age.

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