Moving Day

by beagooddad on August 25, 2007

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Not us. Winnie, our hamster.

She started off in a converted fish tank. She was a happy hamster but didn’t like the solid walls.

So we sprung for a new cage. The Super Pet Critter Trail X. We knew our pet was SUPER. We figured that the X must mean eXtreme and what kind of hamster doesn’t want a little more extreme in their live?

It is extreme all right. See that crazy wheel on the top of the cage. It spins as the hamster runs in the wheel.

It also serves as a food storage tube. When hamster food gets spun in a plastic tube hamster wheel, it makes a fair amount of noise. Since the cage is in the basement and our beds are on the second floor of the house, this wasn’t really a problem, though.

No, the problem is that wheel also serves as a hamster urinal. But they forgot to install running water in the plumbing. So the pee just kind of trickles out onto the top of the cage and the shelf the cage sites on.

eXtremely gross.

Since my sister’s hamster decided to run away when he came to visit during their honeymoon, she donated his old cage to Winnie. Tonight Winnie moved into her new home.

Two stories plus a penthouse suite. In home gym wheel. Custom dining platform.

What more could a hamster possibly need? It took her about 30 minutes just to figure out how to get to each nook and I still think she is looking for a couple crannies.

If Winnie is really good and promises not to escape for a few months, maybe we’ll look into getting the monster three story version that we’ve been eyeing at the pet store.

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