Parenting Tip: Let Them Carry The Good Stuff

by beagooddad on August 28, 2007

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Pookie is getting very interested in the fish tank. We had some algae problems a few weeks back and he got mad at me when I didn’t get around to cleaning it up quickly enough. He kept dragging me to the fish tank and asking where the fist were.

I spent a little over a week cleaning it regularly and getting it pretty much back under control. We had 2 fish in our 10 gallon tank and I decided that we needed 2 more.

Pookie and I wandered off to the pet store and I helped him pick out one. He really wasn’t interested in this part. When the fish guy handed me the fish, though, Pookie jumped between us and intercepted the bag. He insisted on carrying it to the counter and then out to the car. He was insulted that I wouldn’t let him carry his new friend in the car ride home (he has a slight fish-in-a-bag-shaking-habit caused by Finding Nemo). Then he proudly brought his fish into the house and we started introducing her to the tank. He is constantly checking out the tank these days.

A couple days later, Geetle went through the same routine. She did pick out her own fish, but only after I narrowed her down to a couple tanks to choose from. Apparently, all the fish at the pet store are a little overwhelming. She also looked ready to pop with pride while carrying her fish through the store and then into the house.

I also let them carry BeAGoodMom’s birthday presents as we walked through the store and then into the house. With similar happy results.

Kids love to carry the things they buy at the store. Let them carry the fun stuff. Let them show it off when they get home. It will make the shopping trip more entertaining for you and your kid as well as giving them good memories and another place to work on responsibility.

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