Twin Friends

by beagooddad on August 30, 2007

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Geetle and Pookie are starting to do things together without us needing to help encourage the interaction.

Almost every morning, Geetle helps Pookie get his breakfast (according to her at least) while we are in still asleep.  She also likes to help him pick out clothes.

Recently she’s been starting to ask him random questions throughout the day.  Anything from “Can I have that toy?” to “Pookie, do you want to go to the store.  Yes or no?”  The “yes or no” really cracks me up because we often end sentences like that because it seems to prevent him from echoing back the question.

Sometimes he’ll start saying some phrase that is fairly ridiculous if you use it in context and Geetle will crack up and say something like, “No, Pookie.  There are no monkeys in the fish tank” which will cause him to say the phrase again and force Geetle to continue cracking up.

So, she’s getting into their friendship.

But so is Pookie.  He’s starting to answer her questions much more frequently.  When he heads to the pantry to get a straw, Geetle will ask if he can get her one.  He almost always give her one and then goes back for another for himself.  When she laughs at something silly he says or does, he will smile and frequently repeat whatever he was doing.

It is also getting very common for Geetle to get set up to do something like coloring and for Pookie to sit down at the table, too, having just decided that he would love to color.

One of the concerns his teacher had last year was that Pookie doesn’t really learn anything by modeling after other kids his age which is an extremely important way kids learn new things.  It looks like he is starting to edge down that path and I think a lot of it has to do with Geetle constantly trying to find ways to get him to interact with her.

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