An Even Simpler Way To Eat Vegetables

by beagooddad on August 31, 2007

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The Thinking Blog has a post explaining how to make broccoli taste better so that people will actually eat it which is fine and dandy.  But what about when you are at that grandma’s house who absolutely refuses to make vegetables fun and exciting.  That isn’t my grandparents of course but what if your grandparents are like that.

My uncle taught me a trick back when I was about 10 that I still frequently use to this very day when BeAGoodMom decides that I can’t eat pizza and ice cream for more than 3 meals in a row.  It is truly one of the great life changing lessons that I learned as a child and now I pass this secret down to you and your family.


Eat the boring food first.

I’m telling you that this uncle of mine has reached a higher level of enlightenment.  Here’s how it works.  You get a plate with broccoli, bread, corn, and pot roast.  Ouch.  Even worse, you know there is a cookie waiting for you to eat all of that before he will agree to get in your belly.

What do you do?

Let’s assume you are pretty hungry already and we all know that broccoli isn’t going to get any better when it cools down.  Grab your fork and just plow through it.  Don’t think about it and for God’s sake don’t smell it.  Just lift and chew.  Feel free to use plenty of milk or water to help get it down faster.

Now that the worst is over, there is still plenty of room to eat the rest of the food at a leisurely pace.  If the bread has butter on it, I would save that for last since that is practically a cake.  I don’t care how full you are, there is always room for bread and butter.

Go teach your children and your children’s children.

BeAGoodMom happens to have a post from this morning that kind of ties in to this concept.  Not everything in your kid’s life needs to be exciting.

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