The baby stole our football game

by beagooddad on September 5, 2007

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I was planning on taking the kids to an Iowa football game this year.  I have season tickets and last year the kids watched a couple of the road games on TV with me.  They love the chips and sometimes yell things like “Go Hawks” at the right time.

So this year I was planning on taking them to Kinnick Stadium for their first game.  But that got sidetracked when we got pregnant and realized that we would be expecting in the middle of October.  The stadium is about 4 hours from my house and I’m not going to be stuck that far away watching football when Taco Supreme is born. 

This year I am only going to two games.  The one last weekend and the one this weekend.  Last week’s game was at Soldier Field and I really want to take them to a home game.  The game next week doesn’t start until 7:00pm.

So the kids have to wait until next year to go to their first football game.  Until then, they can sit on the couch and watch the games like we used to do in the old days.

Eating nachos and hoping for unlimited milk refills.  These days, they will even be able to get up and stretch their legs if they feel like it.

I also have a bit of pressure this year.  Since I’m only going to one home game, I only have one chance to buy normal store priced t-shirts.  We stop every year at the mall in the Quad Cities and hope that one of the stores there has something in the kids’ sizes.  It is much more difficult then I would have expected.  I guess everybody cleans out the inventory during the back to school sales.

Next year, I will be taking the kids to one of the home games.  Geetle is already a little bummed that she won’t be going this year.  Hopefully a new t-shirt will hold her over.

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