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by beagooddad on September 7, 2007

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I get distracted by some of the strangest things sometimes. As I’m thinking about what I want my future new theme to look like, I’m also thinking about the advertising that I slap on the pages.

The first ad program that I ever got involved with was AdSense; just like 3/4th of the internet.

I’ve experimented with Commission Junction, Auction Ads, Amazon, and that goofy one that Ask.com uses with much less success than AdSense. I’ve had better look with Text Link Ads.

Which starts to bring me into the disclosure area. I’m pretty careful about who I link to. I don’t keep a blogroll because I’m not willing to spend the time to check for broken links, sold sites, etc, etc. If I find something that I like, I would rather just write a post about it.

Along the same thought line, I am set up to approve any ad from Text Link Ads before they are allowed to display on my site. I actually go visit the site. Then I check the site every couple of weeks. They are sites that I am completely comfortable displaying links to on my site. I reject well over half of the offers.

You might have noticed a few banners in the upper, right sidebar area. There are 6 of them right now in fact. There is one to Snapfish, one to Robeez, on to Spirit Halloween Costumes. Let’s talk about those first. I have bought products from each of those places and plan on doing it again in the future. In fact, with the baby on the way, I will be putting an order into Robeez any time now. And with Halloween around the corner, I will probably be putting an order into Spirit. My wife’s costume from last year came from there and we loved it. Snapfish is my new wife’s obsession and I have a post planned for the near future that will explain a really cool project we did with the kids using one of their services just this week.

So, I’m a big fan of those companies and hand picked them to display their banners on Commission Junction. If anybody happens to order something after clicking through to them, I also get some money. But, I picked those three to try and make money with because I like the companies.

In the ride sidebar, there is a banner for a Guide To Raising An Autistic child. That is just a link to the autism series that I am writing on this very site. There is also a link to something called Nerd Zapper. That is just a link to a new site that a friend and I started recently.

The final banner is for a novella called, Bad Attitude. It is for a novella that a friend of mine, Leopold McGinnis is selling. I asked him if he would create a banner that size for me because I want to help him promote the book. I am not getting any money for that.

Also, from time to time, I write about a product and it has a link to buy the product at Amazon. All of those are affiliate links unless I forgot to get the proper link.

So, let’s get back to Google AdSense for a second. That program has contextual based ads meaning the ads that display are based off of whatever I write in these posts. Super easy to set up but virtually impossible to control whose ads show up.

I don’t like that. So, I am working on phasing them out and have reduced the ad block that used to be 250 X 250 in the single posts down to 125 X 125.

The main reason that I set up all of the Commission Junction and banners for me and my friends stuff is to set up a spot that I can hopefully convert over to real direct ad banners to companies and people’s sites. Which again, I will be able to control.

There you go. That is all the ways that I try to make money on the site. If you end up at a store when you click on a link, there’s a chance that it is an affiliate link. If you ever want to know about a specific link, let me know in an email or comment and I’ll tell you what it is doing there.

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