Interactive parenting in an electronic entertainment world

by beagooddad on September 7, 2006

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There’s a short nice post over at Weary Parent about actually interacting with your children to help create their best memories. Go read it.

Very good advice that we should be reminded about constantly. It is very easy to let TV, electronic toys, video games, and computers take over a lot of the entertainment and parenting of our kids. I think the biggest problem that this will cause is losing those special bonding moments with parents.

Playing catch, tag, hide and seek our fundamentals that no parent should be without. Your kids will remember if you play games with them.

Sometimes being a parent is exhausting. Often after work, it is very tempting to sit on the couch and watch them play with their toys. When I notice myself doing it, I try to force myself to get off of the comfortable chair and get on the ground in their area.

Not all is doomed in our new electronic entertainment world, though. Recently, we have been playing a lot of V.Smile with the kids. We are very hands on with them when we play. We constantly ask them about what is going on.

Geetle is getting very good at using the controller to make the game do what she wants and is improving on how well she learns her colors. Pookie is getting insanely good with his colors, numbers, and letters. Most importantly, Pookie does a lot of talking with us while playing the game. That is not really a problem with Geetle since she talks to us no matter what is going on.

Shirley is absolutely right when she says that playing with your children is more important than the things you buy them. Good parents realize that the simple act of buying a toy is just the beginning. Next comes several hours of playing with the toy along with your children.

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