The meaning of sharing

by beagooddad on September 10, 2007

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I don’t mean the nice philosophical discussion about the importance and good karma of sharing.  I’m talking about the actual, “Let other people play with your toys” type of sharing.

Geetle has a lot of trouble sharing toys with Pookie.  Pookie wanted to play with a dog from her “farm” she was setting up using their stuffed animals.  Geetle did not want to let him play with the dog.

There was much yelling and screaming and gnashing of teeth.  Papaw is babysitting and handled it very well with a balanced attack of “Who cares if Pookie wants to play with the stuffed animals, too” when Geetle said, “Pookie is touching my [insert name of toy here]” followed by “Pookie, come over here and play with these toys instead” when Pookie would scream irrationally.

I wandered out of the computer room to refill the coffee cup and walked through the battle zone.

Geetle assaulted me with her stories of the atrocities she felt Pookie has committed.  I replied with a quick “You have to share the toys with Pookie.”  She countered with, “I am.”

And so, I had to spend five minutes explaining what sharing actually means and making sure she understood.

Sometimes I forget that 4 year olds know a lot of things but not everything.

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