Lead paint banned on toys made China for United States

by beagooddad on September 12, 2007

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China is banning lead paint in toys that they export to the United States.

Good. It’s nice to know that their kids will not be putting lead on our kids’ toys anymore. That should help make this the safest Christmas ever. But apparently they will continue to use lead on toys that they make for kids everywhere else in the world unless their country already has a similar agreement. So, be careful when you buy those cheap souvenirs while on vacation.

You might be wondering why the children throughout the rest of the world will still need to worry about lead paint in Chinese made toys. We know that lead is bad stuff so why would we put it in kids’ toys?

Because it’s bright, durable, flexible, fast-drying, and cheap.

I think the cheap is the big one. We all love the almost absurdly priced toys that we can buy these days. Those prices can’t continue to keep dropping without skimping on the quality of the materials.

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