Random News and Did You Know

by beagooddad on September 19, 2007

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TacoSupreme be due on October 19th; one month from today. BeAGoodMom be hopin’ t’ doctors got t’ due date wrong and really meant October 1st. BeAGoodMom had a visit with t’ doctor ayeterday and everythin’ be progressin’ normally.

We told Geetle about her hamster dyin’. She was sad but perked up when she get t’ go t’ t’ store and pick out a new one.

While we were thar, Pookie picked out a new Plecostomus t’ replace t’ one that t’ other fish had eaten down t’ t’ bones.

Also, today be Talk Like A Pirate Day. Go tell your landlubber buckos…after you steal their booty, o’ course.

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