Kids Are Gross And Ridiculous

by beagooddad on September 21, 2007

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Kids are gross and ridiculous.  For an example of ridiculous, I present Exhibit A: A story about a boy getting his father to kiss his butt.  See.  Ridiculous.

It reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to write about which I will present as Exhibit B.

Pookie has a new game.  He’ll walk up to me and say something like, “Put your mouth on my hand” and shove his hand up to my face.  I am supposed to lick the hand until he is done with this part of the game.  Then he removes his hand, starts giggling, sits down and raises one of his feet (after removing the the sock if he is wearing one) and says, “Put your mouth on my foot.”  At this point, I am supposed to lick his feet while he laughs hysterically.

So, in conclusion.  All kids are gross and ridiculous.  The prosecution rests.

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