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by beagooddad on September 24, 2007

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How long do you want to live?  I want to live for a long time and grow old watching my kids and their kids and, who knows, maybe even their kids.

You wouldn’t guess that if you followed me around for a week.  I spend most of my time doing miserable things for my health.  I eat like a fool and rarely exert enough energy to break a sweat.  I also have some bad food addiction habits.  I managed to shake my pop addiction about 10 months ago, but still have a few bad habits left.

Check out an example from just this evening.

I had decided last night that I was going to eat whatever I wanted and then start behaving a little more starting today.  Everything went fine until dinner.  I was making some Tuna Helper and must have put in too much water and/or milk so it didn’t get cooked on time.

I rushed over to Steak and Shake and ordered a burger for me with onion rings (plus food for BeAGoodMom and the kids).  When I pulled up to the window, I asked if she would add a large chocolate shake to the order.

Why is this so bad?  It was an emergency, right?

Except the only reason that I ordered the shake at all is because over the last few weeks, I’ve been ordering a shake or ice cream whenever I go out to eat.  When I ordered tonight, it didn’t even occur to me that less than 24 hours ago I had committed to eating better.

Muscle memory had kicked in and ordered a shake for me.

I used to do that all the time with pop.  I would almost literally end up with a pop in my hand without ever really intending to order one.  I don’t drink pop anymore but appear to be starting to replace it with shakes or ice cream or Oreo cookies or late night Ramen noodles.

And it needs to stop.

I can’t expect to watch my grandkids graduate high school if I don’t start taking care of myself now.  I can’t expect my kids to have any hope of learning good eating habits if I don’t start being a role model now.  I can’t expect my kids to learn to enjoy staying physically active if I don’t start being a role model now.

I have two immediate short term goals to get started with these changes.

  1. Vegetables and fruit everyday.  I’ve been slowly easing into this over the last couple weeks.  I enjoy fruits and vegetables but I prefer cookies and ice cream.  Today my lunch included left over noodles from a previous dinner, green beans and an apple.  That’s a fruit and a vegetable in one meal.  Oh my.
  2. Aerobic activity everyday.  I used to play basketball non-stop in high school.  I also ran cross country.  I couldn’t do either of those sports for more than a couple minutes these days.  I’m going to spend a couple weeks doing at least 1/2 hour a day of aerobic activity.  It might involve a lot of walking in the beginning but I’ll add as much running as my knees can handle.
  3. Limit the treats.  Notice I said limit.  I know from past experience that cutting out the junk food will fail miserably.  I need to start working on only eating a couple Oreos instead of a whole row or a couple scoops of ice cream instead of filling the biggest cereal bowl I can find.  Limits.

You might have noticed the little banner in the sidebar with a number and a date on it.  That is what I weighed when I stepped on the scale that day.  I will update it periodically.  I’m 6’2″ and think that my personal ideal weight is probably somewhere between 185-195.  I was up close to 220 at the beginning of the year.  My knees want me to start heading back down below 200.  If you don’t see an update over in the sidebar every week or so, please send me an email telling me to get back on track and update it.

I’m also going to try to start writing about health once a week or so.  Part of being a good parent should be taking care of myself and teaching my kids to take care of themselves.

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