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by beagooddad on September 25, 2007

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Pack your suitcases. I’m sending you on a trip. Away from this blog. Please be sure to come back someday soon…or in a few minutes.

I found a new blog yesterday while doing some searching for a slightly related topic that I’m planning on writing about someday. NTs Are Weird is a blog written by somebody with autism and it is very good. I read though some of the archive posts earlier.

Anyway, I subscribed yesterday afternoon to the RSS feed and was reading through the new posts last night and saw this post called one-dimensional people. It talks about how people often frame what they see an autistic person doing as being caused by the autism. Pretty fascinating stuff. It dares to suggest that autistic people make decisions based on what they choose to do instead of constantly being pushed around by a condition. I told you that sometimes Pookie is a booger just because he feels like being a booger.

We’ve had people we know (but rarely see) walk up and say stuff like “How is your autistic son?” Stuff like that is likely to get you judo chopped by BeAGoodMom. We have a son. He does a lot of really interesting things. Did you know he likes to practice gluing things onto paper recently? He also happens to have autism. Did I mention that we also have a daughter?

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