There Are Alternatives To Homework

by beagooddad on September 27, 2007

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Homework sucks.  Kids hate it, teachers hate it, parents hate it.  It almost always feels like busy work that intrudes on kids’ personal time.  I’ve even written about how much I dislike homework in the past.  There has to be a better way.  But what school in their right mind would possibly consider rocking the boat with all the pressure on schools to get their students to perform at certain levels on all those standardized tests.

Grant Elementary School in Glenrock, Wyoming appears to be one of those brave schools.  They have a “no homework policy.”

I love it.  Go read the post which includes a letter that the principal sent to the parents to explain the new policy including reminding people that the amount of homework that kids do has been increasing but the performance has not been increasing at anywhere near the same rate during that time.

While we’re at it, I’d like to see a couple other changes.

No summer break. – Can you imagine trying to learn how to do something and every 9 months you quit doing it for 3 months?  Imagine how long it would take to relearn what you forgot and so that you could start learning again.

Frequent short breaks. – It seems perfectly reasonable to me to give kids frequent Fridays off.  Maybe every few weeks.  Then we could build more one week breaks during what used to be summer break.

But then when would the teachers have time to continue their own education.  Most of them end up taking classes during summer break.  I have several teachers in my family and they are always taking a class or two.

Here’s my answer and it may not be very popular.  We got rid of homework in the step before.  That should free up some night and weekend time.  That is a very good time to take classes.  I have taken quite a few classes since I got out of the military and went on full career mode.  Trust me, if I can muster up the motivation to do it, anybody can.

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