Robots, Eye Contact and the Funniest Movie of All Time

by beagooddad on September 30, 2007

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What is the funniest movie of all time.  Probably Caddy Shack or Animal House or Blazing Saddles or some other classic, right?  Wrong.  The funniest movie of all time is Robots.  Maybe it is just a 4 year old with autism thing, but I don’t think so because Geetle likes it quite a bit, too.

Pookie, however, is all over this movie.  He laughs so much at times that he can’t catch his breath.  The robots are constantly beeping and whirring and spinning around.  Pookie loves odd noises like that.  So what could possibly be better than 90 minutes packed full of them.

Nothing.  That’s what.  And apparently “Eye of the Tiger” is the funniest song of all time.

Something neat is happening, though.  He’s constantly making eye contact with me during the funny parts.  He is trying to see if I think the movie is funny, too.  So, I’m on the couch laughing hysterically to Robots which in addition to being the funniest movie of all time, might be quickly on its way to best father/son bonding movie.

Normally we don’t let Pookie spend too much time with toys the beep and whir but we’re cutting him some slack with this particular movie because he is actually laughing at a lot of the plot too in addition to the noises.  People are constantly flying around and crashing into stuff which is obviously hysterical, too.  Pookie still has trouble following more complex plots but he seems to really be trying to get this one figured out.  He is constantly getting excited about scenes that are about to happen.

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