Letting the Internet Break Your Baby

by beagooddad on October 1, 2007

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There are a lot of good parenting tips out there on the internet.  A lot of those good tips like to hang out of on the Parent Hacks website.

As most parents know, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.  Need proof.  I just found one tip that I can almost guarantee will break your baby and was shocked to read it on the otherwise excellent Parent Hacks.  They have a reader submitted tip recommending that you use tweezers to pull the nasty, sticky, crusty buggers from your baby’s nose.  The editors of the site even know that it is such a bad idea that they added a special note warning that this tip will probably break your baby:

Note: Proceed with extreme caution. One jerk of the head could be really dangerous, and sometimes those crusties hurt (and cause a start) when they come out.

If the baby happens to sneeze, you might find out that in addition to grabbing the crusty bugger, you may also find a little brain matter on the end of the tweezers.  And that would be bad.

But, even if the baby holds still, there is still a good chance that you are going to accidentally jab the babies nose a little to hard and break the skin.  And there will be blood which would also be bad.

If you want to avoid breaking the baby, just remember that you can pick your baby, you can pick your nose, but never jab sharp metal into your baby’s nose.

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