How Many Kids Is Enough and Breaking News about the Breaking News about the Baby’s Name

by beagooddad on October 1, 2007

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There is a reason I ran that poll in the sidebar.  I’ll explain in a second but let’s show the results first.

Thanks to everybody that voted.  Here are the final tallies:

2 kids – 10 votes
1 kid  – 6 votes
3 kids – 6 votes
4 or more kids – 4 votes
0 kids – 2 votes

Two wins the poll in a landslide.

Anyway, I was thinking about family size after reading the post on Babylune called Coming to Terms with Family Size and Fertility.

With the new baby on the way, we don’t really have to deal with anything that Pookie or Geetle are working on being “the last time they ever…” yet.  But, we could have.  Before deciding to try getting pregnant again, we spent months trying to decide what we wanted to do.  Actually, at at one point we had decided to stop paying on the frozen embryos and stop at two kids.

Before ever getting pregnant the first time, I had wanted two kids.  I come from a family of two kids.  BeAGoodMom had wanted three.  She came from a family of three.  After having the twins, we had kind of decided that two was fine.  I think the difficulties of getting pregnant through IVF helped BeAGoodMom decide that two would be enough.

Twins are a little different than having two different aged children.  BeAGoodMom started realizing that even though we have two kids, we were not really going to get the older/younger sibling relationships.  It took me a couple weeks, but then I started to realize that I wanted that, too.  I can already tell we made the right decision by how often Geetle just has to hug the baby (BeAGoodMom’s belly) when she gets bummed or before she goes to sleep and how much fun Pookie has whenever he sees some of his old toys, videos and books getting dragged back out.

Being infertile is also going to make it very easy to never have more than 3 kids.  After the last IVF cycle, we had exactly one frozen embryo left.  We have already donated the embryo to research and therefore have no opportunity to get pregnant again unless we go through another round of egg retrievals which just isn’t going to happen.

I’ll be starting a new poll tomorrow (or this morning if you go to bed like a normal person).  There is huge breaking news about the name for the baby.  I’ll have a post and a poll explaining all the details around lunchtime tomorrow if you happen to be eating lunch in the central time zone.

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