Breaking News About The Baby Name

by beagooddad on October 2, 2007

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After several hours trying to come up with baby names, BeAGoodMom handed the duty over to me.  I do except PayPal bribes.  Actually, no matter how much the offer, I am not allowed to name the baby Pepsident or anything weird like that.

We had previously cut the first name list down to 3 first names.  BeAGoodMom and I each had a different #1 name but all three names were something we would both be happy with.  BeAGoodMom never found a middle name that she liked for her #1 first name.

The middle name list for my #1 name had already been cut down to a couple options.  So really, I’m responsible for picking the middle name from a short list to go with the first name that happened to be my first name choice.

For the record, Pookie’s real name was my #1 for him.  For reasons unclear to me, that name was a huge favorite of mine and I still love it.  I’m not quite as sure where Geetle’s name came from.  We had a huge list of girl names and shortened it a little every night.  I can’t remember any other names that either of us might have slightly liked better so I would say that we both picked her name.

So the new poll question in the sidebar is “Will BeAGoodMom actually let me name the baby?”  Your choices are “Yes”, “No”, and “Yes and I’ll pay you to name her after my product or website.”

Wait.  You weren’t expecting me to actually tell you the name of the baby, were you?

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