She’d Lie and the Hamster Would Swear To It

by beagooddad on October 4, 2007

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The new hamster is slowly acclimating herself to being touched.  Just last night she let me pet her for a few seconds without jumping or trying to bite.  I still haven’t tried picking her up yet since she bit me when I tried the first time.

Yesterday, we let the hamster run in her ball for a while.  The kids got bored and started doing something else.  I found Winnie trapped in a groove between the play room and laundry room in the basement.  Figuring she had enough fun for one day I dumped her back in the cage and gave her some food.

The kids were in the computer room hanging out with BeAGoodMom so I joined them.  Geetle asked if she could pet the hamster.  I said no because she had appeared a little stressed when I put her away.  Geetle walked away bummed.

A few minutes later, she walked up to me, waited for me to finish what I was saying to BeAGoodMom, and then showed me her finger covered with something very red and very wet.

“Look, Dad.”
“What’s that?”
“Is that really paint or is that blood?”
“Did Winnie bite you?”
<silence except for the sudden uncontrollable sobbing>

Geetle knew that I had told her not to pet the hamster and was afraid she was going to get into trouble.  When we walked by the cage, Winnie was silent.  Later while cleaning the wound (BeAGoodMom is afraid of hamster spit), we questioned Geetle under the bright lights and she confessed that she had tried to pet Winnie and Winnie had bit her.

I tried another round of questioning with Winnie but got no corroboration to Geetle’s story.  But I’ll be watching her from now on.  She’ll crack and spill the details.

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