Poll Results and a New Poll

by beagooddad on October 8, 2007

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Something interesting happened in the poll from late last week.  I forgot to turn it off on Saturday night.  In fact the results on Sunday morning were very different than they currently are.

For a reminder, the question was “What should I do with the kids on Sunday?

As of about 9am Sunday morning, “Visit a relative/friend” was in the lead by a vote or two over “Go to church.” My parents called late Friday night and offered to watch the kids so I was secretly pulling for “Visit a relative/friend” and was therefore pretty happy with the results.

BeAGoodMom and I did some chores and then went on a little date and walked around a ton trying to shake the baby loose with no success. When we got home on last night, I checked the site and noticed that the poll was still running and people were still voting. In the final tally, “Go to church” made a last second rally and pulled into the lead.

Here are the final, final votes.
Go to church – 9 votes
Wander around mall – 0 votes
Go to park – 3 votes
Visit a relative/friend – 7 votes
Go bowling – 6 votes
Go swimming – 3 votes
Go putt-putt golfing – 3 votes
Stay home and kick BeAGoodMom out of the house – 2 votes

Thanks for everybody that voted. Let’s try setting up a new poll for this week.

Should people videotape their child being born?

Go vote. I read the question to BeAGoodMom and she made her vote very loud and clear. Which fortunately is exactly the same as mine.

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