Quick Funnies Courtesy of the Kids

by beagooddad on October 9, 2007

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I spent most the night trying to get my wireless working again so my deep though provoking post will have to wait for another time.

Here are a couple quick funny stories courtesy of my kids instead.

BeAGoodMom scrounged together some dinner tonight while I cleaned the fish tank. We had some left over rice from the local Chinese restaurant. BeAGoodMom mixed in some peas and some kind of Goya sauce which gave the rice a little kick but nothing that would even make anybody reach for their drink. Geetle actually tried to eat the rice because she wasn’t thrilled with any of the other stuff we were eating. About two bites in she shouts, “I think there’s spices in the peas.” She didn’t say it like she was in pain. It was more like being annoyed because we know she doesn’t like spices and how dare us put them in the peas.

Later, I sent the two kids upstairs to get undressed for a shower before bed. We’ve been sending them upstairs with simple directions like get undressed for bath or get undressed and dressed for bed depending on if they are getting a bath/shower that night. In addition to being good life skills, it is also important for Pookie to get a little better at following directions that involve walking away from the area where the order was given and actually following through. He does good most of the time but a little practice never hurts. Note that the kids are not running the water themselves or getting into the tub themselves. That is still a no no in our house.

Geetle starts complaining at Pookie asking him to get undressed and quit doing “that.” Eventually, she comes downstairs to complain. The conversation went something like this:

Geetle – Pookie isn’t getting undressed.
Me – Okay.
Geetle – I told him to get undressed but he isn’t listening to me.
Me – Okay. Why don’t you go upstairs and take off the rest of your clothes and then remind Pookie that he should be getting undressed?

So, she heads back upstairs and we hear, “Mom, Pookie is playing with your nail cleaner.” The nail cleaner is a little nail scrub brush to get the gunk out from under fingernails. BeAGoodMom yells up, “That’s okay. He can use the nail cleaner.” Geetle yells back down, “He’s using it on his mouth.”

These are some of the things I love about being a parent. 4 year olds get into the goofiest predicaments on a daily basis. The constant barrage of questions and complaints is completely hysterical. They understand that there are limits all around them but they don’t really understand why those boundaries are in place or how to handle them out of context. Some of the most entertaining aspects of listening to Geetle complain to Pookie that he isn’t doing what we said is that he often ignores her which makes her mad and he is starting to frequently listen to her which makes me very happy.

Yes, I did just notice that my quick post ended up being longer than my deep thought provoking post is going to be. Oh well.

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