Make Learning To Spell Fun and Sticky

by beagooddad on October 11, 2007

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We have been working on teaching the kids how to spell some basic words.  It is getting to the point where when we want to spell some words instead of saying the word out loud in front of the kids we have to spell them backwards or they will know what we are talking about.  That means a lot of sentences like, “Do you want to go to the H-S-I-F store on the way to the L-L-A-M?”

We are handling it very low key right now.  We’ll write a few words on the chalkboard door or just randomly ask them how to spell blue.  Nothing that takes more than a couple seconds at a time.  Pookie is running with it and frequently will ask for paper, pen, and then make us let him sit on our lap while he says words that we are supposed to write on the paper.  We expected Pookie to pick it up quickly because learning to spell fits right into his learning strengths.  We are a little more surprised when Geetle points at the ketchup bottle and says, “Why does the ketchup bottle have the word stop on it?”  It was actually the word top, but that is pretty cool and close enough for me.  How exciting that she is actively looking at letter groups to see if they spell words that she knows?

The other day, we found a way to let the kids’ love of all things beepy and whirry help in the quest for spelling mastery.  They already like to sit on our lap at the computer and type words into Notepad.  But we found another high tech gadget is proving especially effective.

The label printer.

BeAGoodMom is a bit of an organizing nerd.  We have storage boxes with pictures on the outside of the contents on the inside.  Oddly enough, despite this organizing gene, she still doesn’t understand why pants should be on one side of the closet and shirts on the other (preferably with all of the short sleeved shirts in one group and the long sleeved shirts in another).

With a label maker, not only do they get to hunt and peck for letters and see the words form, they get to pull off the sticky backing and slap that label onto items.  I think they call that association.  If not, they should.  Plus, it makes learning fun which I know may not be encouraged by the time they get to the later stages of grade school but will always be encouraged in this house.

Our fish tank is now clearly labeled “FISH TANK.”  The baby doll twins are officially labeled “RABBIT BABY” and “BEAR BABY.”

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