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by beagooddad on October 12, 2007

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I have never set up a blogroll over here because I don’t feel like checking my links all the time. However, I like subscribing to blogs in my feed reader. I decided to freshen up my blogs that I track by asking all of you to help me find new ones. The list below is what you all helped me come up with. Thanks. I have subscribed to all of them and look forward to seeing what you have to say.

I’ll probably do something like this every couple months or so to help us find new blogs. If you are interested in sharing the list with the readers on your blog, feel free to cut and paste the list into a post on your blog or you could just link to this post.

As I mentioned, I have subscribed to all of these blogs. If you would like to subscribe to them, too, you could just click through and subscribe in your feed reader of choice. I also exported the OPML file for the full list of these blogs that you should be able to download and then import into your feed reader. If you would like help doing that, let me know and I’ll help you get set up.

So what else did I do with this list? I submitted each blog to StumbleUpon. If you are not familiar with StumbleUpon, it has to be one of the greatest ways to pass time on the internet. The basic premise is that all of the users submit web pages that they like and then other users hit a magic button that says Stumble! and get a somewhat random page to look at. It is hard to do it for less than an hour. I frequently submit things to StumbleUpon and all of these blogs below will probably get pages submitted there pretty frequently from now on. My StumbleUpon profile is BeAGoodDad. If you are a member, please add me as a friend and let me know who you are so I can add you, too. I also occasionally submit stuff to Reddit (my profile there is neat_stuff) and Digg (myneatstuff). Let me know if you have an account on either of them, too.

Without further ado:

The BeAGoodDad Reader Created BlogRoll

  1. Be A Good Mom
  2. How About Two
  3. Cry It Out
  4. Sherry’s Blog
  5. Owlhaven
  6. An Island Life
  7. Holly’s Corner
  8. Goddess In Progress
  9. Baby Squared
  10. Which Way’s Up
  11. The Smarshy Files
  12. The Struggling Writer
  13. A Was Alarmed
  14. Almost A Dad
  15. Chief Family Office
  16. Memarie Lane
  17. I Am Bossy
  18. A Life Of Drama
  19. Java Girl
  20. Modified Mummy
  21. Bad Mummy
  22. Manicmama
  23. Mother At Large
  24. Sarah and the Goon Squad
  25. Stanley’SMilestones
  26. A Family Runs Through It
  27. DadTalk
  28. Play Activities
  29. The Mentor Mom
  30. Autism Twins
  31. Schuyler’s Monster
  32. DadThing
  33. Expecting Executive Blog
  34. DadLabs
  35. Tales from the Carpool Lane
  36. It Coulda’ Been Worse
  37. Bad Dad Radio
  38. Freaked-Out Fathers
  39. Welcome To Married Life
  40. Antique Mommy
  41. Adventures In Juggling
  42. Notes from the Trenches
  43. Raising Tweens
  44. Romie’s Rants
  45. Vita Familiae
  46. Permission to Peruse
  47. Cootiehog
  48. Blonde Mom Blog
  49. BusyMom
  50. Suburban Turmoil
  51. Mrs. Flinger
  52. Be A Good Dad
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