Friday Funnies

by beagooddad on October 12, 2007

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We often spell things that we don’t want the kids to really know at the time we are talking. Stuff like, “Do you want to order P-i-z-z-a?” “Let’s take the kids to a M-O-V-I-E.” Geetle complains about us doing that most of the time and I take the opportunity to point out that if she would just learn to spell she would know what we were talking about. Tonight after grocery shopping, we had this conversation in the car.

BeAGoodMom – Let’s go to the ATM.

Geetle – I don’t know what you mean when you spell words.

Me and BeAGoodMom – Ha ha ha ha ha…

We just finished having a picnic in the TV room and watching Over the Hedge. We’re watching the special features before heading to bed. Geetle just said, “Dude, it’s only Friday.” Just as a reminder, her and Pookie are just 4 1/2. I guess she is really looking forward to the weekend being over and getting back to school.

bagd pookies veg trayDuring that grocery store trip I mentioned above, Pookie decided to be quite a little butt. He went out of his way to pick out one special thing and put it in the cart. We normally let the kids each pick one special thing, so that was cool. Then he tried to open the package and eat it right there in the store.  We said no.  Then he yelled and tried to run away for another 45 minutes while we finished grocery shopping. My impulse was to not let him have the special treat tonight at all but BeAGoodMom wisely reminded me that we would be better off to let him eat the treat and remind him that first we go shopping, then we bring the food home, and then we eat. Crummy good moms. Anyway, don’t you hate it when your kid just sits around whining about how much he wants the veggie tray?

And finally, nobody should ever eat a whole box of Kraft Mac & Cheese with 4 hot dogs cut up into it. In fact, you shouldn’t even have a bowl in your house big enough to handle all of that at one time. Trust me on this one.

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