Why kids should not be allowed to cook

by beagooddad on September 11, 2006

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Kids like to imitate adults.  Kids like to eat cookies.

One day earlier this year, Beagoodmom was playing with the kids in the basement.  Pookie wandered upstairs.  We like to let them wander off to explore and check on them periodically, so she let him go on his own.  She and Geetle were playing for several minutes when she decided to go see what Pookie was up to.

Maybe he was working on potty training himself.

Maybe he was changing his sheets.

Maybe he was reading classical poetry to a teddy bear.

No.  Pookie decided that he needed some cookies and that figuring out how to talk Beagoodmom into making some was going to take to long.
Pookie bakes his own cookies

Beagoodmom had several options at this point.

  • Spank him and send him to bed like a Charles Dicken’s orphanage owner.
  • Ban him from cookies until he was old enough to apologize.
  • Dip Geetle in water and dip her in the flour so she could match her brother like a proper twin.
  • Laugh and grab the camera.

She chose the latter and this is still one of my favorite pictures of Pookie ever.  Well, except for maybe this one:

Pookie enjoys cooking by himself

Look how proud the little man is.  He has learned something that took Beagooddad several years to learn.  Make a big mess in the kitchen and never have to worry about being asked to cook dinner by yourself again.  I always learn stuff too late.

When kids make big messes like this it is common for parents to accidentally yell at the kid.  But, messes like this are normally the parents’ fault.  In this case we learned an important lesson.  Don’t leave the flour so close to the floor in the pantry.  Check.

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