Should dad stay with mom and the baby at the hospital – And a new poll in the sidebar

by beagooddad on October 14, 2007

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The results of the poll question “Should dad stay with mom and the baby at the hospital” where pretty conclusive.

  • Yes – stay with mom (17 votes)
  • No – go home (5 votes)
  • Yes – but only if there were unexpected complications (5 votes)

I didn’t vote in this poll, but BeAGoodMom did. She voted yes. Guess where I’ll be staying.

My choice would definitely be to stay anyway. I think having dad around first couple nights is very beneficial to mom. Mom is very sore and needs a lot of help. Sure mom could call for nurses, but isn’t it more comfortable to ask somebody she knows and trusts and doesn’t have to ever be embarrassed in front of. Also, as Modified Mummy points out, hospitals can be a bit intimidating for people that have gone through something as major as childbirth .

Also, I think one of the things that really helped my confidence handling small babies was that I was involved in the routine 24/7 from the second they were born. Both times that the kids peed all over a wall were when I was changing them in the hospital. It is good to get some practice away from the house before bringing them home. :)

So, I’ll be staying.

Adrienne says that I should go home to give my parents a break from watching Geetle and Pookie. Fortunately, my parents are capable, willing and crazy enough to want to watch the kids while we are in the hospital and for a few days afterward. I would probably have to contact the local authorities to have any chance of getting them home until my parents decide that we are ready. I’m hoping that this will have no effect on my future inheritance but if so it will be a fair trade.

Ruthie points out that the kids might like me to come home and visit them. Hopefully, this time we will only be at the hospital for a night or two instead of 5 nights like last time. After that, my parents are going to let the kids hang out at our house for a couple hours either before or after school each day until they officially come home a few days later.

Since TacoSupreme is taking her sweet time deciding to join us other air breathing people, we have plenty of time for another poll concerning birthing decisions. The question this time is “Should dad cut the umbilical cord?” which is inspired by a question Bad Dad asked in the comments one day. I ignored it on purpose so we could all vote on it here.

Vote in the poll in the sidebar and then feel free to leave comments below.

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