Things To Do For Your Pregnant Wife

by beagooddad on October 16, 2007

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BeAGoodMom is now past 39 weeks pregnant. I’ve read things about giving moms backrubs and other nice sweet romantic nonsense. Here are a few things a 39 week pregnant woman really wants…at least I hope this is what they want.

Stop telling her to rest. First and foremost, quit telling her to sit down and rest or take a nap. She has stopped trying to keep the baby in. She is tired of resting and waiting. The best way to get the baby out seems to be moving. Let her move and hope gravity helps speed up the process.

Stop telling her she looks tired. She’s always tired and therefore will always look tired. Reminding her of this will only remind her that she has a few things to say to you and that scruffy hair growing on your face.

Buy her stuff. Little stuff. Magazines, videos, crossword puzzle books. Anything that can help an hour or so pass as quickly as possible.

Buy the baby stuff. Diapers are good. Cute baby pajamas are better. I recommend only getting one thing at a time. Just seeing a cute baby something is enough to get a smile. Would you rather have a smile every couple of days or just once when you buy a whole new wardrobe at one time?

Take care of low stuff. Pick up stuff off the floor before she gets around to it. Move the laundry so she doesn’t have to bend over. BeAGoodMom likes to remind us that she only can bend over a handful of times a day. Don’t make her waste those bend overs doing chores.

Take charge once in a while. Instead of saying, “I’ll help with dinner. What should I make?” just make a decision and run with it. Sure she might get sick of Mac & Cheese and frozen pizza but she’ll be happy to not have to make the ever stressful what’s-for-dinner decision every night.

Try not to look antsy. Don’t sit around waiting for the baby. Tell mom that you are taking the kids somewhere and she can come if she wants. Instead of sitting around staring at mom’s belly, start a tickle fight or coloring project with the kids. The general happiness will help keep mom’s spirits higher.

Try to make the house as normal as possible. Talk about normal things. Try to eat normal things. Try to keep the kids on normal routines. Don’t give mom a chance to think that everybody is fidgety/bummed/nervous because she can not entertain the world.

Don’t constantly look at her belly and say “Get out of her belly” in a bad Austin Powers impersonation. Sorry about that one, BeAGoodMom.

What else should dad’s be doing when mom gets to the final stages of pregnancy?

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