Anna Nicole Smith as a parent

by beagooddad on September 11, 2006

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Anna Nicole Smith is a goofy icon that we all love to make fun of.  Everywhere she walks people constantly take pictures of her.

Twenty years ago, she gave birth to her first child named Daniel Wayne Smith.  Yes, even goofy Anna Nicole Smith is capable of having children.  Last Thursday, she gave birth to her next child in Nassau; a girl this time.

This is where the story gets weird and tragic.  Sunday, Daniel Smith, who travelled to the Bahamas to be with his mom, died in bed.  No cause has been given, but the police do not suspec drugs or alcohol played a factor.

There is no good time to have a child die, but that close to the birth of another child would have to be especially painful.  Even worse would be being living a media circus life and being chased by cameras while the whole tragedy is going on.

One thing can be counted on.  When Anna Nicole Smith makes a statement, it will probably be memorable and wacky and that is why the cameras will pester her when she least needs it.

Which side of the fence do you fall on?  Do you want everybody to leave her home like we would all expect for ourselves?  Or will you pounce the second she makes her statement?

It actually hurts my brain to listen to her, so I’m hoping everybody will leave her alone.

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