The Birth Story

by beagooddad on October 24, 2007

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baby small


Second. The vitals. She is 20 1/2 inches and as you can see from the scale 8 lb 6 oz with a 14 1/2 inch head circumference. She was born at 2:58pm on 10/24/2007.

Third. The story.

We showed up at the hospital at 6:30. They set up the pitocin around 8am and then the epidural at around noon. Around 2pm they came in and told BeAGoodMom to take a nap because they were going to break her water in an hour or two and then things would really get rolling. Liars.

I went to a break area to have some coffee and read and let BeAGoodMom rest.

At 2:40ish, there was a page on the hospital wide intercom asking if I “would report to labor and delivery immediately.”

I sprinted through the hospital and rode the elevator to the 2nd floor. As they open the doors to the labor and delivery wing, I see a bunch of nurses wheeling BeAGoodMom down the hallway…with a nurse riding ON BeAGoodMom! I start to follow and they chase me away to make me change into the special clothes I need for the emergency room and then they make me wait in the recovery room to decide if I am allowed in for the emergency C-section.

Wait a second. We weren’t having any C-section, much less an emergency one.

Eventually a nurse comes in to tell me that around 2:30, BeAGoodMom’s water broke of its own free will. TacoSupreme dropped but not before her cord. So her 14 1/2 inch head attached to her 8 lb 6 oz body is sitting on the cord pinching off her oxygen and sending her vitals into the crapper.

So the nurse that was sitting on my wife during the dash down the hall was actually pushing TacoSupreme back up and in to keep her from pressing on the cord. She’s my new hero by the way.

The emergency room had about 15 people between anesthesia, labor nurses, NICU nurses and the doctor. And me and BeAGoodMom.

They do the emergency C-section. BeAGoodMom screamed a lot. I cried a lot. Then they put BeAGoodMom back together and let me hold the baby. BeAGoodMom and I both cried some more.

Then we went to the recovery room and everything started heading back to normal.

BeAGoodMom and TacoSupreme are sleeping now and everybody is doing fine. BeAGoodMom will need more recovery time then we expected, we all had a much bigger scare than we expected. The doctor even seemed a little shaken because minutes before the water broke and everything went wacky, she had checked the progress and actually decided that she wasn’t even going to need to break the water because of how well everything was going.

I promised names and I will give them but I will need a few days to set it up the way I’m planning on doing it. And there will be more pictures to come.

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