8 reasons why raising twins is easier than raising two kids of different ages

by beagooddad on September 11, 2006

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People often seem amazed at the challenges of raising twins.  Even parents with more kids then me mention it.  How bizarre to think that people could imagine that raising four kids is more difficult in any way shape or form than raising twins.  Ludicrous.

I will even go on record as saying that raising twins has to be easier than raising a mere two kids that are different ages.  Don’t believe me.  Well, read on.

  1. Sharing food.  Babies start off eating very small portions.  Much smaller than one little baby food jar.  Instead of throwing the leftovers away or trying to store them, parents of twins make them share a jar.  Once they are big enough to eat more than a jar, it is easy to open 3 jars, feed both kids from each jar, and get a well rounded diet at every meal.
  2. 1 bath/1 bedtime.  With kids, bath and bedtime seems to take up most of their waking moments.  With twins, they can easily share a tub which, let’s face it, helps save the planet by conserving water and saves time.  They also can share a bedtime.  Our kids sleep in the same room.  We waddle in there and start the routine of shoving both feet into one leg hole while putting on pants and getting their arms stuck above their heads while putting on their shirts.  Then, and here is the real magic.  We have one story time.  All the quality time you can imagine with half the ticks on the clock.  There is no putting somebody to bed at 7 and then somebody else at 8.  Everybody is on the same schedule.
  3. Sharing toys.  Since they are the same age, you do not have to worry about somebody’s favorite Legos being the choking hazard of Junior.  You just need one big pile of age appropriate toys.  How much easier could it get?
  4. Same childproofing.  Remember toilet locks.  They made you feel good while your first child was wandering around the bathroom in her diaper.  Then Junior came.  But, Senior needed to start peeing in the big potty.  Do you take off the toilet lock and risk drowing Junior or personally escort Senior to the bathroom every time?  Worry no more if you have twins.  If one is safe for the toilet lock, the other is, too.  After all they are only 16 minutes apart.
  5. Same videos/movies.  Tired of fighting over whether to watch Baby Einstein or Spongebob Squarepants.  I feel bad for you.  You should have had twins.  They may have their favorites, but twins at least like the same developmental stage of videos.  And never again worry about trying to find a movie at the theater that will be appropriate for all of the children.
  6. DISCOUNTS.  Some stores feel sorry for us parents of multiples.  To help ease our “burden,” they offer us DISCOUNTS.  That’s right.  When we bought our cribs at Burlington Coat Factory we paid 20% less on the second crib.  They call it the Twin Discount.  Suckers.
  7. Same phases.  Remember when the terrible twos ended.  You finally got Senior to quit freaking out every time you left Toys R Us without a teddy bear.  Be careful.  Don’t let down your guard.  Junior is about to enter that phase.  The tantrums for twins are not any worse then singletons.  It is very rare that both throw a tantrum at the same time.  But, we only have to spend a brief period of time in each phase.  Then it is done.
  8. Same playdates.  Tired of scheduling playtime for Junior on Wednesday afternoon and something for Senior on Wednesday morning.  Sick of sucking up to boring parents just so all your kids have somebody to play with.  We only need one playdate.  One single kid can occupy our kids for the morning.  Less gas money.  Less dirty neighbor couches.  Sweet it is.

I probably should not be disclosing all of this to you parents of singletons, but it is going to come out sooner or later.  For real convenience, it does not get much better than twins.

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