Cool things that happen when you have a baby

by beagooddad on November 2, 2007

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This is by no means a complete list of cool things that have happened since the baby was born and it isn’t even in any particular order. It really is amazing getting a chance to see how much people love babies.

My grandparents just drove over 3 hours to hang out at our house for about 4 hours and then drive back home just so they could spend time with us and meet the baby. That’s pretty cool.

My mom came over (along with my dad and sister) to hang around our house on Halloween. My mom disappeared for a while and just when everybody was starting to worry about her, she emerged from the basement having just folded at least three loads of laundry. That’s pretty cool.

My mom and dad completely threw their life into chaos by moving into our house while we were in the hospital and watching Geetle and Pookie just so that the kids could have as much normalcy as possible. Then they spent most of the morning on a couple of those days bringing the kids over to the hospital and getting them back home before school in the afternoon. Then they took the kids out to their house for the night we came home with the baby so we could settle in. That’s pretty cool.

My sister just HAD to come visit us in the hospital on the day the baby was born because her work schedule was going to prevent her from visiting the following few days and she just HAD to see the baby. That’s pretty cool.

Uncle My Mark and my sister (no word on how her schedule “magically” cleared up later in the week) came to visit after a long day of work for each of them. Uncle My Mark didn’t even flinch when I forced the baby into his arms and sat their proudly holding the baby for most of the rest of their visit. That’s pretty cool.

BeAGoodMom’s mom and dad drove a couple hours through the kind of traffic that they really hate to visit for about an hour in the hospital to meet the baby and make sure BeAGoodMom was doing okay. That’s pretty cool.

Aunt Kel drove a couple hours to visit BeAGoodMom in the hospital last Saturday to see the baby and keep BeAGoodMom entertained while I came home to be with Pookie and Geetle for the day.

JB and Aunt Bean were planning to visit last Sunday when we got home from the hospital but had to cancel because their plumbing decided to flood the basement. They already rescheduled to come up tomorrow. That’s pretty cool.

To all of the people above and everybody else that called, visited, sent gifts, asked how things were when we put kids on the bus, etc., thanks for being such great relatives, friends, and bus drivers.

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