The shock of a boring baby

by beagooddad on November 7, 2007

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Our baby is pretty boring. She just lays there asleep most of the day. Periodically, she will open her eyes and stare at stuff and about every 3-4 hours she’ll yell for food. With the twins we really didn’t have much time to notice that they didn’t really do much.

I wonder how many parents get really bummed that the little bundle of joy that they have been waiting to see for the last 9 months is really pretty boring. I imagine that if a parent isn’t careful, they could find themselves ignoring the baby more than they really want to.

So how do you play with a baby that just kind of stares at you from time to time. Here are a few of my tips. Please add yours in the comments.

Read to them. Sure read the little goofy picture books and make sure they see the pictures. But right now I am reading a chapter or two from Bridge To Terabithia every night. She gets to hear my voice and I get to read a book I’ve been meaning to read before I watch the movie. We read all of the Narnia books to Geetle and Pookie during their first few months during the bedtime story time.

Watch them wake up. Babies make some of the funniest faces when they are starting to wake up. Sometimes they make two or three faces at the same time with their eyes doing something entirely different then their cheeks which are doing something different then their mouths.

Try to make them smile. They won’t yet, but there is something funny about being goofy in front of them and watching them stare you down clearly not amused. Keep practicing. You’ll break down that icy exterior someday. Sometimes you’ll do something funny when the baby passes gas and you’ll get to see what it looks like when they smile at your goofiness.

Play with their toys. Your baby might be too young to play with the toys, but you should take advantage of the opportunity to squeak the rattles, chew on the teethers, stare at the flashing lights. In a few weeks, your baby won’t be nearly as likely to want to share.

What else do you have? How do you keep yourself entertained with the little lump with no neck sitting on your lap?

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