Follow The Yellow Brick…Blue Tape Road

by beagooddad on November 8, 2007

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Pookie has been into toy cars recently. He likes driving them off cliffs. We decided to try encouraging another way of playing with the cars to expand this interest of his.

But how do you convince a kid that isn’t really good at traditional creative play to do something besides push the car off the cliff?

Painting tape.

The wide blue tape that you use to protect the ceiling and trim when painting the walls. This is the exact tape we used [Amazon affl. link].

The main floor of our house has a few rooms that create a nice loop. I plopped the tape right on the floor to make a little blue road all the way around the loop. The tape covers the hardwood and carpet very well and besides being an eye sore is not in any body’s way when not in use.

For the last couple days, they’ve been happily (when they are not fighting over which car to use) pushing cars around the loop. The other day, Geetle decided that she didn’t want any of the cars beside the one that Pookie was using. Eventually after a decent pout, she found a little toy helicopter and flew it over the road.

Boredom is the mother of invention apparently.

Then later I caught Pookie flying the helicopter over the road, too. He seems to be starting to learn new ways to play with things by watching his sister. That’s huge for reasons that I should probably write about sometime soon.

I’m thinking about finding (or buying) a little toy boat that they can push around the river, too. Maybe we can try to get a little parade going with some of their other toys, too.

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