Back to the emergency room

by beagooddad on November 9, 2007

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We were back in the emergency room yesterday afternoon. We were playing football and chasing each other around the driveway while waiting for the bus. Geetle started stumbling but unfortunately didn’t fall right away. A few steps later she finally lost the balance and landed head first the spot where the hubcap sticks out a little from the tire. The hubcap won the fight leaving a pretty huge cut on her forehead.

We bundled Pookie and the baby into the car and pushed BeAGoodMom into the back seat between Geetle and Pookie so she could hold a towel up to her head. We called the schools to inform them the kids wouldn’t be coming to school and work to tell them that I was done for the day.

Geetle was a champ at the hospital remaining amazingly calm through the whole thing. Pookie was a champ in the waiting room patiently watching TV, playing with the toys, and eating chips. The baby was a champ…sleeping the whole time. BeAGoodMom was a champ being able to stay completely calm and support Geetle the whole time.

In the end, Geetle has 6 stitches and a giant stuffed dog courtesy of a stop in from Aunt Shell last night. We stopped on the way home to pick up a couple cartoons from Blockbuster. Geetle got to choose mac & cheese for dinner.

She’s doing fine but I’m still a little scarred. There isn’t much worse than being two feet away, watching the fall in slow motion, but not being able to do anything about it.

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